Browse our bookshelf for some interesting publications relating to Killarney and County Kerry. Additional publications will be added from time to time.

Beautiful Ireland Book Cover
Beautiful Ireland, Killarney.

Mary Gorges,
Adam & Charles Black, Soho Street, W., London, 1912. (62 pages, illustrated).

The Kingdom of Kerry.

M.P. Ryle,
The Nation Printing Works, 90 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, 1902. (76 pages, illustrated, map, advertisements).

King’s History of Kerry, No. 1.

J. King,
Printed by ‘The Kerryman,’ Ltd., Edward Street, Tralee, Feb. 1914 (48 pages).

Letters from the Kingdom Of Kerry.

Lydia Jane Fisher, The Year 1875,
Webb and Chapman, Great Brunswick St. Dublin, 1847. (98 pages ).


Letters From The Kingdom
Front Cover
Shades and Echoes of Old Killarney.

Kathleen O’Rourke,
Guy and Co., Cork, c. 1935. (54 pages, illustrated, map).

Some More Happy Hours in the Dear Land of Kerry.

Sara A. Low,
Printed by the London and Norwich Press Ltd., for Private Circulation, 1913. (64 pages).

Front Cover
The Path Through Kerry.

G. V. Ryan, Not published – possibly privately circulated. Not dated (c. 1940s).