The Herbert Period

(c. early 18th century – 1898)
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Brickeen Bridge by John Henry Campbell (1755 - 1828).

It is likely that the Herbert family were responsible for the building of this well-known Killarney landmark.

Documents and Papers relating to the Herbert family will be made available here over time.

Tenancy and other agreements relating to the former employees and tenants of the estate during the Herbert period do not survive in our archive. However, some tenants are listed in the 1899 Sales Prospectus for the Muckross Estate, which can be accessed by the link below. If you wish to consult Tenancy, Caretaking, or Grazing Agreements post-dating c. 1900, please do so here.

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Edward Herbert Memorandum

Probably c. 1754


image of dinis slipway
Dinis Cottage Visitors' Book

Visitors' Comments, 1876 - 1883


Edward Amphlett’s Gamebook

Muckross Estate (1878-1886)


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Maps related to the Muckross Estate


jaunting car at Muckross house
Sales Prospectus

Muckross Sales Prospectus 1899