Thank You!

Herbie Herbert Game

Herbie Herbert Game - Download.

Muckross House Library would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all the talented young artists and writers who participated in our recent children's research project.

Last week we asked those aged 12 years and younger to describe, in pictures or words, how children might have lived in Kerry a century ago. We were delighted with the response and we will shortly present a prize of €25 for the four best entries. The winners will also receive a free family visit to Muckross Traditional Farms.

In the meantime, perhaps you might like to help Herbie Herbert, the Hungry Muckross Dragon, to find his way to Muckross House kitchen. He needs a snack!

You will need a dice and counters to play this game, which you can download at here.


Patricia O'Hare, Research & Education Officer, Trustees of Muckross House.