Victorian Visitors At Muckross

Dinis Cottage is a well known visitor attraction located close to the Old Weir Bridge and the Meeting of the Waters. This pretty cottage was built by the Herberts of Muckross, sometime between 1807 and 1822. It appears to have either incorporated, or replaced, an earlier ruined structure.

Dinis Cottage was built as a 'stopping-off' place where visitors could picnic, or dine, when touring the Lakes. In 1850 the writers Mr and Mrs S.C. Hall referred to the welcome provided by its housekeeper. Here, visitors could avail of a turf fire upon which to roast their fresh, arbutus skewered, lake salmon and potatoes.

The Dinis Cottage Visitors' Book (1876 -1883), forms part of our Muckross House Library Collections. It records the signatures of Home Rulers (Aug. 1876), Victorian honeymooners (Sept. 1880), Land Leaguers (Aug. 1881) and even those of the Emperor and Empress of Brazil (July 1877).

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Patricia O'Hare, Research & Education Officer, Trustees of Muckross House.