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The aim of this presentation is to provide a resource for teachers who may wish to prepare their pupils for a guided tour of Muckross House.

The presentation briefly touches upon the Desmond Rebellion (1579-1583) and the Munster Plantation, which resulted in large parts of Munster becoming the property of English planter families.

It introduces the two main ascendancy families of Killarney, the Browne family of Killarney House and the Herberts of Muckross. Both of these families reached the pinnacle of the social ladder when they hosted the visit of Queen Victoria to Killarney in 1861.

The presentation outlines the role played by the wealthy American William Bowers Bourn in the development of the Muckross Estate. In particular, it traces the events that resulted in Muckross House and Estate becoming Ireland’s very first National Park, in 1933.

The presentation is available in three formats: as a voiced-over Video Slide Show; as a Power Point Presentation; as a PDF File.

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